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Little Photo Shop is a fun game for kids where the little ones of the house can open their own photo shop and work with all the clients who want their picture taken. There are dogs, cats, and rabbits coming in, and you can dress them up to look cheesy or elegant – whatever you choose.

The first thing you have to do is choose your first client and open your chest of objects so you can choose the clothes and accessories that best suit the visitor. Each time you select something the client will tell you if he or she likes it or not. Your choices will determine whether the client ends up more or less happy with the result. When you think you have everything you need, you can take the picture and move on to the next client. Keep doing this until you see that everyone is happy, and try as many combinations as possible.

Once you get tired of taking pictures, you can move to the next step: developing them. To do this you have to go into the dark room and select all the negatives you think are going to be a good image for the client. Cut them and place them in the developing chemicals so the image sticks to the paper. If you want to add a final sepia tone or another effect, you can try other chemicals and play with the result.

Last but not least, you have to perfectly cut all the pictures and frame them so the client leaves your shop satisfied. You have to place the paper on the right spot, and strike it with the cutter exactly in the middle. Create the best piece you can, and send your clients home happy.
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